Kurayoshi City Hotel




59 stay rooms
in rooms
  • free wifi Internet
  • refrigerator
  • video
  • TV
  • telephone
  • Japanese tea
  • hot water (for drink)
  • LAN type Internet
  • hair dryer
  • modular jack
  • soap
  • toothbrush & paste
  • towel
  • laundry services available
for women
skin care set
free parking
up to 100 cars

Inside our hotel

We’re really pleased to welcome you from overseas countries.
You will find our hotel provide you comfy trip around Kurayoshi and Tottori.

Free wifi Internet is available in your stay room.
Our digital signage gives you trip information.


Trip information

Tourist information for Tottori, Japan
warning You need to pay for the room if you don’t show up on the scheduled day WITHOUT any contact